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The Rhythm of Nature's Beauty

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Month - June

Time - night

Place, the beach

Stretching along and into the sea


Blanketing darkness

Wrapped round

Opening through

Pearled net of starlight

“What am I doing?”

Tearing question

Screaming every cell in my body

“Who am I being?”

Driving me

Like a cosmic hammer

Into the pain of seeing

The reality of my block-headed arrogance

Dressed in the cloth of a cocky 30-year old

A spiritual know-it-all

Fungus-minded flabbergasting fool

Bypassing the rhythm of Nature’s beauty

Gift of humiliation

Roar of tide on shore

Drowning in breaking wave of

the one rolling sound

Her heartbeat pounding me into the sand

Until I split open like a wooden stake


The Mother!

Answer to my prayers!

There is more than just waking up

Knowing the Self

Praise be to all that is Holy!

I live now to worship and serve The Mother


At least that gives me some direction...


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