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The Other Side of Average

When it came to dancing,

he said our friend was,

“on the other side of average.”

I said, “The title of my autobiography is: Slightly Below Average!”

He mentioned a highschool pal

who gave himself a nickname:

“Mr. Average.”

We laughed.

Quieted down.


Didn’t speak.

Actually, being average, or less than -

on the other side of - has its benefits; nobility even.

No pressure or expectation from anyone

to excel, to entertain,

to fulfill their unmet needs.

No hankering after achievement or grasping for admiration, affirmation.

Not too much attention on you - good or bad.

The valley, not the mountain -

at least on the surface.

The possibility for

invisibility, contentment, peace -

if it’s not rooted in 

avoidance, resistance, fear.

If it is essential, natural.

Nothing wrong with the other side of average.

I wouldn’t mind being famous for that. 

-Ross McKeachie


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