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Outside the Circle

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

I have no cultural symbols -

for Life, Earth Mother, God or Goddess -

that I was born into.

I can only grasp, from the edges

of the human family,

for the symbols of the cultures

my ancestors either studied or destroyed

and destroyed through their studies.

Like my nearest ancestors, I remain outside the circle -

the Earth Circle -

an observer of passing interest

having no means to connect my heart and body

to the rituals and symbols with faces and hands.

Only the void, emptiness, the formless expanse.

I can worship that.

Having no form, there is nothing to grasp.

Having no stories, there is nothing to know.

Having no culture, no symbol, I am finally home.

Now when I gaze longingly at the symbols

of the lineage that has lovingly adopted

an orphan like me,

I will see emptiness smiling softly,

reaching out, blessing me, teaching me the way.

Now I can worship my Divine Mother,

resting in the fertile void

of Her silent womb.


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