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I savour life

It’s bittersweet

Like chocolate

True chocolate

A bite of laughter

Melts in my mouth

Cells dancing this body alive

Laughter fades

to silent, vibrant

momentary memory


but joy remains, like a spring


And a trickle of lament

for the absence of the unlasting




Do you ever listen

to the candlelit silence at night -

when the house speaks in creaks

and groans of the Earth

snoring and growing a dream

of tomorrow’s sunlit play?

To me that’s the time

to savour the body’s nectar

And quietly

remember the flavour of today, now gone

When I had today on my tongue

I twirled like a child


Drunk on the moment’s delight

Forgetting the coming of night

The melting away of the light

When it’s gone, do I throw a tantrum

Writhe and kick my feet

Scream and gnash my teeth?


I’m still me.

And life is bittersweet.

When I eat a piece of chocolate

real chocolate that tastes like the land

and the farmer’s loving hand

It’s bittersweet

I savour life


for a moment

I understand.

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