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Bears: The Dark Cave of Dreaming

Painting Credit: Dino Colomb 2016 - A Print I Purchased

There was a heatwave this summer

    long, hot, crystal clear shining-sun days

My body felt so good - relaxed and content like a rock

    no worries in my mind, smiles on usually grim faces

    we played: children laughing, splashing sing-song merrymaking

It was a drought for Mother Earth

    fires raging across the land as if avenging the murder of their kin

Goddess of water turning her back and shutting down

    awaiting our recognition and asking us to beg her back,

    grovel for her mercy after we took her for granted

It’s early September now

    and I guess she took pity on us

    or figured the trees shouldn’t suffer anymore on our behalf

There’s a bite in the wind

    must be coming from the northwest

    though I haven’t bothered to take notice

Busy modern man that I am, cut off at the root and 

    plopped into chaos and titillation - the temptation of

glowing blue screens, skin, instant gratification and information

that makes me feel informed and self-righteous

There’s an edge to the people

getting more afraid, more polarized

less in touch with the ground reality of body, breath

and the heartful clear seeing of fragility, neediness and

beautiful human presence

where what we read, hear and see online plants seeds

which hijack our ability to take in reality

as it is here and now in front of our very eyes

I hate it and I’m frustrated

Exhausted of trying to come to agreement on what sanity really is

So I welcome the dark and the cold

    which calls us into sleep and solitude

Oh how the Bears must love to gorge at this time

    before saying their farewells and trundelling up into the  mountains

    entering the Dark Cave of Dreaming

    where all they’ve absorbed can be dissolved in the

    Ocean of Truth

    and they can know what it means to rest

Have we forgotten the power of rest?

Bears never worry the world won’t be there upon waking.

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