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Through My Open Window

A bright day

Late March

A new day

To give thanks for

I see life happening

Through my open window

Birds tend to their duties

Seagulls are taking care of Seagull business

Crows, Crow business

Hummingbirds don’t do business - they just buzz about

drinking and shining sweetness

Round little songbirds chirp their merry tunes

I like to call them pudgy curmudgeons

so stout and immediate

I say hello to them

Thank them for their songs

Tell them I love them

They bow

I bow

We go about our days

Thankful for each other’s efforts in maintaining this world of love

I give thanks to the silence

For birthing sound

And remaining to remind us of home

I bow to the space

For birthing the sun

This earth and the ten thousand things

And isn’t it gracious

Isn’t it kind

That emptiness holds us all in her arms

I sit and I look

Through my open window

I see shadows

And I see light

I ponder the object

Standing between them

Holding shape, lasting longer

But not by much

Light gives shape

Shape casts shadow

And I observe from my seat

Needing each other

Reaching for the other

One removed, all is gone

Living together

Singing together

Woven together in time

I sit and I look

Through my open window

A father teaches his 10-year-old son

who wears a pink cap

How to fold something I can’t quite see

Then he stands from crouching

And makes a simple gesture:

He puts his arm around his son

and together they walk away

A bright day

A new day

Late March


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