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A Dose of Pessimism

I’m going to be pessimistic for a minute

If you don’t mind

Bear with me

Life, the whole thing,

is slavery - 

it’s a scam.

The very idea of there being some kind of individual freedom

is a lie.

Even if you’re not working a job

Even if you can do whatever you want anytime, all the time

You inherited trillions from Daddy Dearest

And you’re the most powerful person on planet Earth

Your body owns you

Your desires are your master

The cycles of Nature cannot be stopped

The reality of birth, growth, decay, and death, always in motion

Everything is transactional

Even if you give up money

You’ll always be giving, taking, wanting, 


Even if you only desire liberation

And if you do

Get liberated in this life

You’ll cease to exist

It won’t be good for your ego

So you see the scam now

Thanks for letting me rant

I needed to get that off my chest

DISCLAIMER: Not to be taken for the gospel truth or what the autbor believes (all of the time)


- Ross McKeachie


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