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Sean Aiken

Author/Speaker at

Ross is a remarkably talented facilitator and coach with a calming presence and deep love of others and the world that is desperately needed at this time. If you have the opportunity to work with this kind, caring, and compassionate man, I strongly recommend you take it - you will not regret it. Your hopes and dreams are not only safe in his hands, but are more likely to be realized with him on your team.

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Colin Hillstrom

Colin Hillstrom, Consciousness Coach, Sound Healer & Recording Artist

Ross is a man and teacher who expresses himself consistently through the archetypes of the mature masculine. I appreciate his dedication, skill, strength and sensitivity as a learner and a teacher. Thank you for modeling genuine authenticity, Ross.

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What is Integrative Coaching & Healing?

Identify & Release Obstacles, Challenges & Suffering.

Tap Into Your Gifts, Goals & Joy.

Actualize Your Purpose, Potential & Freedom.

From the Inside Out.

Are you looking to hone in on your deepest calling, live a more fulfilling life, stop pushing and have more time and space for what really matters? Are you ready to evolve your consciousness?

There is timeless wisdom, rooted in the art and science of Yoga & Tantra, which gives us tools to move skillfully through challenges and turn them into helpers. Utilizing this timeless wisdom - which addresses your body, emotions & mind - I help you tap into your innate capacity to heal and grow. By looking at the full spectrum of your life and being, you are supported in finding deep contentment & peace and feeling inspired about life again. My offering is to assist you in the process of tapping into joy, living with deep purpose and aligning with your highest potential.

Evan Macleod

Shipping & Receiving - Banyen Books & Sound (Canada's Spiritual & Healing Resource Since 1970)

I have had the incredible fortune and honour to be a part of Ross’ 12 week men’s yoga circle. We live in a culture with a great diversity, and quantity, of teachers.  A true challenge can be to find one who walks their talk, who embodies that which they teach. My experience with Ross leaves me with the knowledge that he is a properly initiated teacher and healer, in an authentic alignment. He brings his heart to this work. Ross shines with constancy and warmth; he embodies great ability and awareness. Working with Ross is being led by one who is grounded in a depth of experience, centered in clarity, loving and open with humility; all supporting a space for incredible growth and healing. May I endow Ross with my highest recommendation for students of Yoga.

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What are My Qualifications?

I am fully certified as both an Accelerated Evolution Coach and an Arkaya Multidimensional Healer & Yoga Facilitator. What makes me different from most coaches is that I am continuing an ongoing apprenticeship with my teacher, Yogacharini Maitreyi, in the traditional Yogic & Tantric system of South India. This, along with my own experience and formal certifications, is the foundation of my capacity to support you.


I also have a background in marketing & entrepreneurship, acting and stand-up comedy. I have been doing the inner, evolutionary work from a young age with the support of my mentors & teachers. I have lived deeply and experienced life in its' fullness. This allows me to support you in navigating a wide array of challenges and to see things with an open mind and courageous heart.

Navjeet Kaur

Owner of Supplements Vitamins Plus, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Ross offered me an intuitive ability to draw out what I needed and also his grounded coaching style, founded on being Present with unconditional Support. I felt during these sessions that I was more connected with myself and felt grounded more in my body, more trusting my own process and listening to my inner voice. I am definitely more aligned and Present. I have a lot more clarity after my sessions with you then I had before so thank you very much Ross for all your kindness and beautiful energy. I will definitely come for more sessions in the future.

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