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Sean Aiken

Author/Speaker at

Ross is a remarkably talented facilitator and coach with a calming presence and deep love of others and the world that is desperately needed at this time. If you have the opportunity to work with this kind, caring, and compassionate man, I strongly recommend you take it - you will not regret it. Your hopes and dreams are not only safe in his hands, but are more likely to be realized with him on your team."

James Wells

Director of Investments & Venture Creation at Evok Innovations

Ross helps to shine a light and bring awareness to all the mental "snags" that we can't always see ourselves. After my first session with Ross, I experienced a tremendous amount of relief as we addressed many of the issues that arose from my personal challenge of completing an IRONMAN triathlon with just yoga. Ross gives 100% of his focus during these sessions and I highly, highly recommend him.

Navjeet Kaur

Owner of Supplements Vitamins Plus, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Ross offered me an intuitive ability to draw out what I needed and also his grounded coaching style, founded on being Present with unconditional Support. I felt during these sessions that I was more connected with myself and felt grounded more in my body, more trusting my own process and listening to my inner voice. I am definitely more aligned and Present. I have a lot more clarity after my sessions with you then I had before so thank you very much Ross for all your kindness and beautiful energy. I will definitely come for more sessions in the future.

Colin Hillstrom

Colin Hillstrom, Consciousness Coach, Sound Healer & Recording Artist

Ross is a man and teacher who expresses himself consistently through the archetypes of the mature masculine. I appreciate his dedication, skill, strength and sensitivity as a learner and a teacher. Thank you for modeling genuine authenticity, Ross.

Virgil Isaacs

Founder of Full Function Fitness/Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

As an exercise, diet, and lifestyle coach, spirituality has a strong presence in my life, but Ross McKeachie is on another level. His subtle energy will blossom your soul the moment you meet him, and he'll guide your spirit through avenues you didn't know existed. My objective of investing in Ross' services was to get my spiritual needle back in the groove. I had veered off track in the endless abyss of self help material feeling smothered, suffocated, and lost. I was looking for answers in books, rather than in myself. Ross helped me dissolve the self-manifested roadblocks that were halting my growth in business and in life so that I could live boldly, lightly, and effortlessly again.

David Chaumette

Business Consultant & Author/The Best Inside Man For Your Business. Helping Small Business Grow Through Mindset & Strategy.

Ross is instantly insightful and powerful in his ability to guide his clients to becoming better people. I learn from him in every interaction I have with him and the lessons have really stuck. He has made me a better person and I have grown through knowing him.


Registered Holisitic Nutritionist

Ross has the innate gift of quickly getting to the root of things and patiently helping sort things out using unique methods and profound intuitiveness. I found Ross's empathy especially comforting and helped me feel understood.  We found Ross possesses high integrity towards himself and therefore towards others, as well as a vast empathic and compassionate, consistent nature founded in kindness and gratitude. This helped create a quick base of comfort and safety, which equates to trusting myself and my process, with Ross as a constant, stable, strong and steady, reliable  witness and ally steadfastly guiding me on my path towards embracing self discovery, self empathy and healing. I feel Ross is an asset to whomever may need some coaching, life direction, help with a goal, challenge and with clarity. Ross is that rare 'real thing.'  His presence and the way he lives his life in high integrity, loving kindness and empathy being inspiring in and of itself.

Scott Johnson

Professional in Sales

I had the pleasure of working with Ross over a 6 month period and was very glad that I did. Ross has a unique style of coaching, he listened to the different challenges I was going thru from a place of true non-judgement and love. I felt that I could trust Ross and open up to him, I put everything on the table with him and we were able to work thru it all from a very spiritual and Tao like place. I felt tremendous relief just to be able to talk to someone who did not judge and regained my strength and power as we worked thru the different challenges.


The results that I achieved working with Ross were nothing short of incredible. I completely phased out of a chapter in my life that no longer served me and advanced in a new direction that was scary and uncertain but was congruent with my heart's vision.


With Ross's guidance and help I was able to muster up the strength and drive to clear the fog of self doubt I was stuck in and move forward into a light where all my greatest goals and visions could become a reality. It was very powerful stuff.


If you have the chance to work with Ross I would highly recommend that you do so. His spiritual presence and Tao like nature combined with his techniques and strategies is a deadly combo for success.

Dirk Frankenne

President - Empower Security Automation

I've worked with Ross for over a year now and I feel like a completely different person! Things I've always had challenges with all of sudden became pleasurable and easy to overcome. I would highly recommend investing in him as it has been the best investment I've made into myself.

Felix Markevicius

Past President, Vancouver Men's Evolvement Network

In the short time I have known Ross I have come to appreciate him as a strong leader for depth work and as an excellent Arkaya yoga teacher, something I call the ‘gentle healing yoga’.


I appreciate his inclusivity and loving intention, and ability to hold space for us to work together as a group. This all speaks to Ross’s loving heart and clear mind, and grasp of process fundamentals. It is a blessing to find a haven for group work that has a non-judgemental heart-space, that can safely hold our shadow stuff. Ross allows us to dive unto our inner selves - sometimes known as soul work - rather than imposing another external set of values of the way men are supposed to be, as often happens in men's circles.


Ross’s intentionality and strong voice speaks to me, I feel heard, seen, and supported as most likely you will too if you are considering working with Ross. Namaste.

Evan Macleod

Shipping & Receiving - Banyen Books & Sound

I have had the incredible fortune and honour to be a part of Ross’ 12 week men’s yoga circle. We live in a culture with a great diversity, and quantity, of teachers.  A true challenge can be to find one who walks their talk, who embodies that which they teach. My experience with Ross leaves me with the knowledge that he is a properly initiated teacher and healer, in an authentic alignment. He brings his heart to this work. Ross shines with constancy and warmth; he embodies great ability and awareness. Working with Ross is being led by one who is grounded in a depth of experience, centered in clarity, loving and open with humility; all supporting a space for incredible growth and healing. May I endow Ross with my highest recommendation for students of Yoga.

Paul Newman

Teacher from Surrey, BC

Ross McKeachie is a quiet professional when it comes to facilitating men's work, teaching yoga, healing, and coaching.  He's a real leader who serves with alert presence, a compassionate heart, and most refreshingly, a calm, even mind.  He can skillfully hold space, teach, and effect real transformation on both an individual and collective level - often collaborating with other professionals in the field.  It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to learn from Ross the past 12 weeks, continuing to grow both inwardly and outwardly.  Follow this wise, humble, mountain-looking bearded-mystic-man, and listen for his long, joyful, and catching laugh.

Juan Sanchez

Server, Student, Photographer, Explorer, Cancer Survivor

I have known Ross for at least 4 years. Last year I went through a battle with cancer so, as I completed my treatment, Ross and I started meeting about once a week for healing sessions. These integrating healing sessions were to help my organs, chakras, emotions and body find some harmony and gentle, positive, clean energy again.

From the deepest place of my heart I can say that it was an incredibly loving, transformative experience that I feel for certain could have not been achieved by simply going for counselling sessions at the cancer agency. I believe Ross came back into my life to guide me, to support me, and to show me kind-loving ways to dealing with such pain and sorrow as well as the whole after-treatment process. These tools had the intention of recovering self-love again.

So I would like to say that having taken the chance to work with Ross as an integrative healer and coach was one of the best things I could have done for myself, and for my brand new life. I feel the impact and the results of this work being so positive and uplifting already.


I hope Ross continues to spread his wisdom and courage by helping others in our community because without doubt his gifts and methods are an excellent source of pure energy that will transform your life. His work is impeccable.

Adam Newberry

Professional Photographer

There are no secrets, no keys, no right or wrong, and no quick fixes. This is a journey that Ross takes you on, to look inward, to embrace what is holding us back. It’s his ability to create a space where you can truly start to understand what we are all trying to figure out. In the end it may become shockingly apparent, there is nothing to figure out at all!


I manifested fear, doubt, and all other forms of my insecurities based on an understanding that I need to “figure it out” and that I hadn’t yet. All this drove me to a sunken version of my former self. A person left feeling helpless, miserable, and further slipping from reach. What was I trying to figure out? Happiness sure, fulfilment yes, do what I am most passionate about absolutely, but these seemed so insurmountable and suffocating.


What Ross allowed me to do was something I was likely not to achieve on my own. Ross allowed me to to create space, to open a dialogue internally that would ultimately lead me to find my breath and my self again. If you commit, you will have an “aha” moment. One that will strike you intensely. My “aha” moment was realized on our last session. As I said it out loud, it just clicked! The connection that I have to my breath is more powerful beyond anything else. I do not choose to breathe, but with intent I can draw in new positivity, strength, and love. Thank you Ross!

Ian McKeachie

Environmental Consultant/Project Manager

Ross has an ability to truly listen to the people that he works with, and a real talent for insight into what his clients need to achieve their goals. Working with Ross helped give me the courage to work towards the things that I truly wanted to achieve, but didn't think were possible before. Who I was and what I really wanted was crystallized in the process, and ultimately I made some decisions and took action that led to me finding satisfaction and success with a number of my objectives. He had the unique skill and energy to help me open up to all of the possibilities and opportunities that were before me.

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