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WELCOME! Opening Heart and Mind with Poetry & Humour

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

My attempt at saying something useful and beautiful... and as close to the truth as possible (subject to change at any time)

Hello Dear Friends,

My name is Ross McKeachie. This is my blog. If you'd like to learn more about me or connect with me, visit the home page of my website:

For me, the experience of laughter and the experience of beauty always bring me closer to my true nature. Usually when I am laughing or taking in the beauty of nature or art, my mind is quiet and I feel vital and alive. Confusion is lifted... at least temporarily.

In the presence of what is funny, there is usually a release of our tight grip, there's a grain of truth, an insight, wisdom may be hidden here.

In the presence of what is beautiful, there is usually a softening of our hard edges, an opening to reality, an experience of some form of love.

I have written poetry since I was a child.

I have also been telling jokes and laughing at them since before I could speak - humour is pre-verbal (think physical comedy or a baby laughing before they can talk). So, I'd like to focus on these two forms of artistic expression in this blog, although I may include other forms as I feel inspired. This is my blog so I get to do things my way. Nobody else is the boss of me here!

Since I am also on the path of Yoga & Tantra, through my teacher, Yogacharini Maitreyi's guidance, I will often include references to the wisdom and philosophy of these classical life sciences.

The idea is to provide content that might stir up some feelings, provide some insight and help us open into more love and wisdom.

What's this thing all about?

A lot of this material will be focused on human and spiritual development, since that is my area of focus and work in the world. Humour is much needed in these realms since it is very alluring for people to take themselves too seriously once they become "spiritual" (think the unsmiling meditator who talks very softly and is overly sensititve). The human potential movement can be fairly aggressive as well and there's nothing like some beauty and poetry to soften the edges of the millionaire mindset man who is laser focused on "activating his highest gifts while serving humanity," no matter who gets in the way!

I won't try to stuff anything down anyone's throat here. Part of this for me is getting over my own sense of self-importance and mental stiffness. So I'll aim to give just the right dose of ranting, and only when needed :)

OK... are we getting the picture here?

I think you get the basic gist of what this is about. After all, you are an intelligent and wonderful human being aren't you. Come on, don't be so modest. You're great! Tell your friends :)

Please leave your comments and feel free to share this with others if you want to. I'll try not to prattle on too much.

To the Ancestors

I want to close by acknowledging those who have come before me, supported me, and showed me the way thus far.

I gratefully acknowledge that I live, work & play on unceded Traditional Coast Salish Lands including the Shishalh, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, and Musqueam First Nations. I give thanks to the ancestral first people's of this beautiful, nurturing land. I am the third generation of my Scottish (with some Norwegian, Irish & English blood) settler ancestors born and raised on Vancouver Island - traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw people. I now live in Gibsons, BC, on the Sunshine Coast on the traditional Squamish lands and also spend much time in the Shishalh territory.

All praise and thanks to my family, living and beyond, as well as my teachers and guides...

My parents: Shelley McKeachie and Morley McKeachie - First they imagined me and then they made me, raised me and supported me in every way and still do to this day.

My Older Brother: Ian McKeachie - protecter, hype-man, best friend.

My Maternal Grandparents: Wilma (Billy) McBride & Gerald (Gerry) McBride - Nana and Papa - always put family first, fed me, disciplined me, taught me integrity and laughter.

My Paternal Grandparents: Joyce McKeachie & James (Jimmy) McKeachie - Granny and Poppa - the McKeachie genes are what made me want to write and perform, tell jokes and be in the spotlight (it was unavoidable).

My Root Teacher: Yogacharini Maitreyi - Guru, life guide, elder sister (Akka), friend to all and shining light in this dark world of pain and delusion.

Dedicated to the benefit of all beings!

Ya, it's just a nice thing to say... but I also really aim to bring something that may be of benefit to others, at least to the degree of benefit I gain from the enjoyment of creating this piece of art.

With Love & Gratitude,

Ross Gerald McKeachie


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