Who is This For?

Paul Newman

Teacher from Surrey, BC

Ross McKeachie is a quiet professional when it comes to facilitating men's work, teaching yoga, healing, and coaching.  He's a real leader who serves with alert presence, a compassionate heart, and most refreshingly, a calm, even mind.  He can skillfully hold space, teach, and effect real transformation on both an individual and collective level - often collaborating with other professionals in the field.  It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to learn from Ross the past 12 weeks, continuing to grow both inwardly and outwardly.  Follow this wise, humble, mountain-looking bearded-mystic-man, and listen for his long, joyful, and catching laugh.

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James Wells

Director of Investments & Venture Creation at Evok Innovations

Ross helps to shine a light and bring awareness to all the mental "snags" that we can't always see ourselves. After my first session with Ross, I experienced a tremendous amount of relief as we addressed many of the issues that arose from my personal challenge of completing an IRONMAN triathlon with just yoga. Ross gives 100% of his focus during these sessions and I highly, highly recommend him.

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Who are my clients?


My clients range from entrepreneurs seeking to cultivate greater leadership skills and have a bigger impact, to those suffering from chronic illness who are looking to heal emotionally and physically, to individuals suffering from mental health challenges. So, what is the common thread?


All of these people want support in sourcing the solutions they seek from within their own consciousness. With my guidance and support, each client is led deeper into themselves, learning tools and practices to align and stay aligned with their own highest potential. This alignment overflows into every aspect of their lives and benefits every relationship.


The timeless wisdom of Yoga & Tantra, combined with more modern Western approaches to healing are a gift for addressing all aspects of living well and reaching the height of humanity's potential.​​

This is for you if:

It should be noted that I work with people of all walks, abilities and needs. However, these are some qualities that are beneficial to us working together in the most successful way possible.

You are ready to make a profound shift in your life. A shift towards less pain and struggle and more joy and flow.

You want an ally, strategic partner and guide who supports you in every aspect of your life journey: career, relationships, health, spiritual practice and lifestyle design.

You are ready to look within and take responsibility for healing emotional wounding from the past in order to clear space for new insights, inspiration and understanding.

You are looking to trim the fat - using less energy and time to accomplish your higher goals while enjoying a life of greater freedom and abundance.

You want to cultivate a daily practice that aligns you with your highest potential.

You crave a loving and nurturing relationship with your own body, emotions and mind which then allows you to open to truly loving and healthy relationships with others.

You are interested in the timeless, Universal wisdom that allows you to evolve into your highest potential while living your deepest purpose.