What to Expect in Sessions

Virgil Isaacs

Founder of Full Function Fitness/Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

As an exercise, diet, and lifestyle coach, spirituality has a strong presence in my life, but Ross McKeachie is on another level. His subtle energy will blossom your soul the moment you meet him, and he'll guide your spirit through avenues you didn't know existed. My objective of investing in Ross' services was to get my spiritual needle back in the groove. I had veered off track in the endless abyss of self help material feeling smothered, suffocated, and lost. I was looking for answers in books, rather than in myself. Ross helped me dissolve the self-manifested roadblocks that were halting my growth in business and in life so that I could live boldly, lightly, and effortlessly again.

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What is it like working with me?

We work together to address your whole being - body, emotions and mind - releasing that which causes suffering, tapping into joy & aligning you with your highest potential - within & without.

I am grounded and practical in my approach to helping you move through blockages, ease suffering and align with your highest potential - all while cultivating greater harmony and honing your vision and purpose.

Working with me, you can expect to move quickly through your biggest inner and outer challenges by facing them directly and getting to the root of the problem. This is done through using a skillful set of tools to address all dimensions of self - body, emotions and mind. These dimensions are brought into greater harmony through deepening your awareness of how they function and relate. By moving through that which causes blockage and suffering, you begin to create new space within yourself. From here, you can begin to align with your higher goals and potentials by opening to your deeper purpose and giving your unique gifts. You will begin experiencing greater harmony and ease in life while contributing more and having more fulfilling relationships - starting with your relationship to yourself.

Sessions Include:

It should be noted that every individual will have different needs, challenges, goals and capacities. I tailor every session to meet the specific needs of that individual. However, this is an overview of what may be involved.

An integrated approach in a safe and loving space


A deep, holistic investigation of your current life situation


A step-by-step series of sessions to identify, heal and resolve your struggles and move into your best life alignment, including:


Accelerated Evolution processes which allow you to identify your biggest challenges and dissolve them at the root as well as integrating and embodying your higher qualities, deepest gifts and actualizing your higher goals

Check-ups on all of your chakras and organs to determine your overall state of mental, emotional and physical well-being (In-person sessions only)


Multidimensional healing which helps to remove blockages and traumas being held in the chakras (energy centres) and cells of your body as well as clearing physical pain, emotional debris and unhealthy thought patterns


Insight-based counselling where you are given the space to be seen and heard without judgement or advice - you are simply witnessed and allowed to witness yourself through speaking openly and honestly


Yogic and meditative practices to do at home in order to integrate and anchor the work done in sessions


Adam Newberry

Professional Photographer

There are no secrets, no keys, no right or wrong, and no quick fixes. This is a journey that Ross takes you on, to look inward, to embrace what is holding us back. It’s his ability to create a space where you can truly start to understand what we are all trying to figure out. In the end it may become shockingly apparent, there is nothing to figure out at all!


I manifested fear, doubt, and all other forms of my insecurities based on an understanding that I need to “figure it out” and that I hadn’t yet. All this drove me to a sunken version of my former self. A person left feeling helpless, miserable, and further slipping from reach. What was I trying to figure out? Happiness sure, fulfilment yes, do what I am most passionate about absolutely, but these seemed so insurmountable and suffocating.


What Ross allowed me to do was something I was likely not to achieve on my own. Ross allowed me to to create space, to open a dialogue internally that would ultimately lead me to find my breath and my self again. If you commit, you will have an “aha” moment. One that will strike you intensely. My “aha” moment was realized on our last session. As I said it out loud, it just clicked! The connection that I have to my breath is more powerful beyond anything else. I do not choose to breathe, but with intent I can draw in new positivity, strength, and love. Thank you Ross!

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