About Me
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My life circumstances have taken many twists, turns and detours. I really thought I would end up being an actor, a comedian and a poet :) But, very often, Life asks more of me than I am initially willing to give. And it is often surprising. This path has been a blessing for me in so many ways and I still make time to write, create humour and art whenever possible.

I was fortunate from a young age to have a wide and deep life of experiences which eventually led me onto the mystical path and my calling to support others in their evolution and healing. No one gets to where they are without help. I have been incredibly blessed with the mentors and teachers who have appeared in my life and supported me through all of the challenges of evolving and learning to devote myself to service while also remaining devoted to my own self-care.

I reside on the beautiful Sunshine Coast (just a 40-minute ferry ride from Vancouver). The simple things give me great satisfaction: eating delicious & healthy food, spending time in nature and connecting with family & friends.

As a practitioner of Yoga & Tantra, my focus is on heart-centred living and evolving through my work and relationships. I enjoy a life of cultivating beauty and deepening service.


My work includes one-on-one sessions with private clients, leading various yoga programs and men's circles and in helping to oversee the operations of Arkaya Awareness Centre. I am also apprenticing with my teacher, Yogacharini Maitreyi, in learning to train new Yoga teachers.

I am certified as a coach using the Accelerated Evolution methods - a set of fast and effective consciousness enhancing tools distilled from the best of the world’s healing and wisdom traditions. I was closely mentored by the founder of Accelerated Evolution, Satyen Raja, for around two years and absorbed a rich capacity for bringing out people's deepest gifts to be used in service to others. Satyen was a big influence in my development and really helped me to mature as a man navigating a spiritual yet worldly life.

I am fully certified as teacher of Arkaya Yoga and as an Arkaya Multidimensional Healer by my teacher, Yogacharini Matireyi - founder of Arkaya. She has given me permission to work as a healer, coach and Yoga facilitator. Arkaya is rooted in the classical Indian system of Yoga & Tantra. It is the art and science of healing, evolution and self-realization.

As the Community Builder & Communications Director for Arkaya Awareness Centre, I find great joy in helping to create conscious, uplifting community where people can reach their full potential & self-expression in a healthy environment. I continue to work with Maitreyi almost everyday in the overseeing of the Arkaya community and all of its' various programs. I give her much credit for where I am today. Together, we have witnessed the incredible blossoming of our Vancouver group since I joined Maitreyi in 2015.​​